Safety & Quality


Total Welding, Inc. practices a strong safety program to provide a safe place for ALL Ironworkers to work.  TWI maintains a standard level of excellent performance through the safety culture of the company.

TWI's expectation is that each employee holds himself or herself as well as their co-workers accountable to the safe practices of our industry. It is expected that each TWI employee will follow OSHA guidelines, General Contractor guidelines (provided these guidelines meet or exceed OSHA requirements), and TWI internal safety guidelines.

In addition to the safety checks that a general contractor does on the job site, TWI performs monthly safety audits on each project.  These checks and audits keep safety at the forefront of each project TWI works on.


TWI takes pride in doing each job right.  Safety is paramount on any job site and quality is another major focus.  TWI is a Certified Steel Erector as certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).

According to the Steel Erectors Association of America:
Companies that are AISC Certified have been through a rigorous initial evaluation and are subject to annual reviews.  Following are examples of key qualifications for certified erectors:
  • The firm must have a written safety plan which is compliant with governmental regulations and is understood and implemented by supervision and the erection crew.
  • All welders are qualified per the American Welding Society D1.1.
  • Written bolt tightening procedures that are compliant with the Research Council on Structural Connections specifications are in place and used.
  • A written procedure for fall protection is monitored and recorded by a person trained in fall protection.
  • Project-specific erection plans with hoisting and erection requirements are communicated and implemented in the field.
The management team at TWI collaborates together to make sure all safety and quality plans are specific and carried out by the field teams to ensure employee and public safety as well as provide quality workmanship on each project.
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